Our Collaborators


IIT Delhi

Since 1960, the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi has offered instruction in Applied Science and Engineering of a standard comparable to the best in the world. IIT Delhi acts on a set of standards to anticipate the technological needs of the surrounding community as well as furthering the knowledge and work experience of their students and faculty. Excellent programs are offered at the university that cover a wide range of skills, such as: 8 Engineering specialties, Biotechnology, Physics, Mathematics, Design, Applied Mechanics, Chemistry, Management Studies, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Currently, our Bullock Driven Tractor is working with IIT Delhi RuTAG to improve the life and work of rural Indian farmers and villagers. 


IIT Tirupati

Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati started functioning in 2015 offering B-Tech in 4 core branches namely Civil, Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. It is an affiliation of IIT, a top autonomous public institutes of higher education in engineering subjects. The curriculum has emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practice oriented laboratories. Courses are planned to nurture innovation, creativity, quality, teamwork, communication skills, ethics and societal interaction.